Exceptional architecture & design from industry experts.


In addition to offering standard engineering services, BCI has developed a complete Architectural and Design Package allowing you to save time and money.  The Architectural & Design package includes:

Building or Land Assessment – We field measure the proposed space in detail and document.

Code Analysis – After assessing the building or property, we perform a detailed code analysis.

Area Specific Building Review Process – We contact local zoning, planning and building departments to determine any additional code requirements.

Preliminary Floor Plan – We determine your intentions and requirements for your new facility and design a preliminary floor plan.

Reflective Ceiling Plan – We design a reflective ceiling plan that supports and accents the preliminary floor plan.

Additional services may include Fixtures & Equipment Coordination, Permit Drawings, and Construction Administration.

Our engineers and architects understand the importance of ergonomics and offer valuable work flow solutions.  We plan for sufficient plumbing and electrical to facilitate your specialized equipment.  Through our experience and proper planning, we avoid unforeseeable problems, cost overruns and the many problems associated with a specialized construction project like yours.

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